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Make Cabo Yours, Discover What's Waiting

Cruise the emerald blue waters surrounding Grand Velas Los Cabos, and witness the beauty of breaching whales, backed by glittering sunsets and Cabo's sprawling coastline. Explore the Baja Peninsula on horseback, or dive off shore and swim through underwater landscapes teeming with tropical fish, colorful coral reefs, rays and deep canyons. Learn to surf and catch waves along the coast, swim with dolphins, or set out on a kayak or outrigger and explore.
Snorkeling in Los Cabos - Mexico, Grand Velas


Adventure out into the Pacific Ocean to learn more about the region’s marine life during a visit to the famed Arco or “End of the Earth”, which received its nickname because if you trace a straight line south, you end up in Antarctica. Don’t miss the opportunity to be amazed by the beauty of the aquatic flora and fauna. Learn to distinguish the different species and explore unique natural phenomena such as the coral reefs and sand falls.
Whale Watching in Los Cabos - Grand Velas


This natural show only takes place from December to March, when the gray whales come to the coasts of Baja California Sur to mate and give birth to their young. They migrate from the arctic to the warm waters of the region to increase the possibility of survival of their offspring. If you’re on vacation in Los Cabos during this time, don’t hesitate to visit these cetaceous creatures and learn more about them during a guided tour.


This tour is a total eco-adventure allowing you to go to the heart of Baja. You’ll visit amazing ecosystems where the dunes, cacti and the blue of the sea come together, as you ride exotic camels on the beach of Rancho San Cristobal. Discover the region’s native flora and fauna in an entirely different way. The camel tour lasts approximately 20 minutes, and if you go in winter you might see whales in the distance.
The Arco of Cabo San Lucas Mexico - Grand Velas


Also known as “The End of the Earth”, this is the most iconic emblem of Cabo San Lucas; a rock formation that rises out of the sea at the end of the Baja Peninsula. Visiting this tourist attraction is easy, as there are numerous tour operators and even small boats offering tours. When you arrive, you’ll be able to see it from different perspectives but if you’re looking to take great photos, going out on a boat is recommended.